Doctoral Assistant Teaching Feedback

To register for feedback

If you are a doctoral assistant for a course and would like student feedback on your teaching…

register to get feedback here

This is an EPFL google drive form: and so it will require your EPFL login.
If you get an error message, sign out of your (personal) Google Account and then sign in with your EPFL Google Account



The closing date for registrations for Fall 2018 is Tuesday 4th December 2018.

You can register for student feedback if:

  • you are a doctoral assistant on the course
  • other doctoral assistants on the course agree (the questionnaire will potentially generate feedback on all doctoral assistants in the course, so you need their agreement)
  • the course teacher agrees (the teacher is the person with overall responsibility for the course and so it cannot be evaluated without her/his agreement)

Two types of standard questionnaires are available (in French and in English):

The procedure

The procedure is as follows:

  • You register for feedback on the attached form.  The information you will need in order to register is:
    • the name and course code of the course,
    • the language preference for the questionnaire,
    • whether you want to use the questionnaire for exercises or labs, and
    • the name and SCIPER ID of all doctoral assistants teaching on the course, including yourself (SCIPER ID can be found on each person’s people@EPFL webpage, under the « All postal addresses and positions » link)
    • the number of students taking the course (in order to report response rates)
  • CAPE will generate a student feedback questionnaire based on the data you provided and send you the pdf by mid-December
  • You will print sufficient copies of the questionnaire and distribute them to the students (e.g. in the final exercise session or in the exam)
  • You will return the completed questionnaires by internal post to Ludovic Bonivento, CAPE, Station 16
  • Completed questionnaires will be scanned after the end of semester exam period
  • A report with student feedback will be emailed to all of the doctoral assistants named on the registration form

The project

This is a pilot project being run in the 2018 Fall Semester by CAPE at the request of representatives of the EPFL doctoral assistants.