ResourcesWe create and manage a range of resources on teaching and learning for teachers, teaching assistants, sections and students.

Resources we have produced include: 

  • the Teaching Portal: a one-stop site for both practical and pedagogical questions related to teaching at EPFL
  • Student group work supports: a series of short videos (in French) which were developed in response to a study of student difficulties and challenges in undertaking group work
  • An annotated list of recommended reading on teaching and learning in higher education.

Resources which are part of services we manage include:

  • Clickers: in addition to making equipment available and providing support for teachers who want to increase student participation and feedback in lectures, we also offer both technical and pedagogical information online on our dedicated website
  • Optical mark reading software: this allows teachers to streamline the process of correcting multiple choice type examinations
  • Maths resources for incoming students: including an online self-assessment and a maths text which is sent to all incoming EPFL students every year

If you have ideas for a resource which is likely to be of benefit to teachers or learners across EPFL, please feel free to contact us.