Course description – Frequently asked questions

1. I cannot edit the fiche de cours when I log on to IS Academia. 

When you log on, make sure to choose the course book tab at the top of the screen. This is where you will find the fiche de cours interface.

2. When I open the interface it is not populated with the previous years’ material (or my course is not displayed).

When you open the interface you must choose on the left hand side of the screen which course to edit. You must also choose the correct year (2013-14). If your course is not displayed, it means that the study plan 2013-14 needs updating and you should contact the Registrar’s office to report the modifications required. Please do however check with your section first.

3. I want to add a learning outcome, but I cannot find the verb I want, (or the verb is there but not at the cognitive level that I want).

The verbs listed are chosen as being observable. Some commonly used but non observable verbs (understand, know, Maîtriser) have deliberately been excluded from the list for that reason. It may be possible to write your learning outcome using a different verb. If you feel that there is not a suitable alternative verb available, please contact the Teaching Support Centre.

4. I have added eight learning outcomes and want to add a ninth, but there are no more spaces available.

More boxes for learning outcomes will automatically become available once you refresh the page. Clicking on a different course and then coming back to the first one should cause the page to refresh. Alternatively one can refresh the whole page: for example, in Firefox, click on the circular arrow to the right of the address line to refresh. This will bring you back to the main lecturer’s portal page. When you re-open your fiche de cours to edit it, additional boxes will be available to you (OGIF is working to put a simpler way of refreshing the page in place).

5. I would like my secretary to transfer what I have written into my fiche de cours.

In the “useful links” box on the front page of the lecturer’s portal (left hand side of the screen) you will see a link for “Secrétariat personnel“. Click here and you can designate access rights. You will also have to inform the IS-Academia support staff by e-mail:

6. I have tried to enter learning outcomes but they were not saved.

The learning outcomes should be saved if you refresh the page as described in the answer to question 4.