Student user guide for the indicative feedback interface

How it works:

Login to the IS-Academia environment using your GASPAR ID. Log in is required to ensure that only those who are allowed to participate in this evaluation are doing so. Anonymous treatment of your responses is guaranteed.

Who participates:

  • All Bachelor, Master and CMS courses get student feedback in this manner every semester.
  • External students, taking courses at EPFL, will have be asked to provide feedback as long as they are correctly registered.
  • UNIL students of “sciences forensiques” will also participate (other UNIL students will have a separate method of feedback, as will medical students).
  • PhD students will be able to provide feedback on master courses they are following, but courses of the doctoral school get feedback with another procedure.

Features of the system:

  • The form is available in English or French within IS-Academia. To change the language, choose “Options” on the top left on the screen, choose “en” or “fr” as “Langue de l’utilisateur” and save using the diskette symbol.
  • Student feedback is anonymous. To assure student confidentiality, the results are only shown when more than 5 answers are available.

In case of difficulties:

In case of technical problems: