Effective Teaching in Higher Education Programme


On successful completion of the Effective Teaching in Higher Education Programme, participants will be able to:

  • design and implement courses and assessments which meet the needs of learners,
  • select and implement teaching and learning strategies appropriate to a given tertiary education context,
  • design, analyse and assess learning outcomes,
  • select, justify and employ a range of approaches to evaluation and assessment,
  • select, justify and employ a wide range of digital technologies and media of appropriate to a given tertiary education context,
  • engage in reflection and formulate plans of action for continuous improvement in teaching and learning,
  • construct an evidence-based Professional Development Record that demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement in tertiary teaching and learning.


The programme consists of five compulsory modules (1-4) which provide an overview of key aspects of teaching and learning in higher education, two elective modules chosen in function of your specific interests of which 5 or 6 and 7 or 8 or a workshop from the Current Issues series; plus the Professional Development Record Assignment. Each module consists of a workshop, a preparatory task, pre-workshop readings and a formative assignment that populates the Professional Development Record.  

Module 1: Effective Interactive Teaching and Learning  ***should be taken first

Module 2: Effective Lecturing

Module 3: Course design

Module 4: Effective Assessment

Module 5: How to transform your course into a MOOC

Module 6: Flipping a Class, from 0° to 180°

Module 6: Leveraging Labs for Learning

Module 7: Effective Exercise sessions


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